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Meet Brian Coppolo

Brian was born and raised in Derby to a family with deep Derby community ties. His mother, Sharon, is a medical practice administrator treating heart patients. Her family owned Raro's Garage in downtown Derby.  Allen Coppolo is a past Fire Chief in Derby where he has dedicated more than 40 years to the Fire Service. 

With the values instilled by his family, Brian also volunteers his time serving in the Derby Fire Department. After several years leading a team as a restaurant manager, Brian followed his desire for public service by becoming a career firefighter with the Bridgeport Fire Department.  

Brian's commitment to public service offers a positive contribution to Derby. He has a strong interest in city planning, fiscal responsibility, and rebuilding Derby.  He will bring a relentless focus to providing professional leadership to Derby's government, rebuilding Derby to the vibrant city it once was and is meant to be again. 


"I believe in a competent and focused  government that works responsibly for the people of Derby."

Brian will work for a City Hall that focuses on: Responsibility, Development, Accountability

Fiscal Responsibility

Derby deserves a mayor that will competently and carefully mind taxpayer dollars. Brian believes in finding the most qualified and skilled people for each role in city government. He supports sober fiscal planning.  


Economic Development

Derby has been waiting too long for a team that knows how to work with developers and the state to bring about authentic economic development. We don’t need any more “new developers” announced shortly before another Election Day.  A Coppolo administration will meticulously and aggressively pursue smart development to grow our grand list, revitalize the city, and help stabilize property taxes. 


Accountability in Government

 Brian believes an administration should be composed of fully-vetted, highly-skilled professionals with a focus on results. Brian will be a hands-on Mayor who holds his team to a high standard and monitors departments to keep responsible plans on track and your money safe.


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Volunteers Wanted!

Thank you to everyone that was able to make it for our first big push on Saturday 9/28. So many great responses on calls and doors. Lets keep up the good work!

The office will be open during hours of operation and also by appointment. Please click the button above to leave a message with your: name, number, and availability to volunteer, and a team leader will reach out you schedule a time to volunteer. Thank you for your interest and support. 

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How can you help? Never done this before?  Don't fret we will have activities available for people of all skill levels and areas of expertise.  Text Banking, Phone Banking, Door knocking, Office Staffing, Driving, Lit Drops and so many more ways to contribute.


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